Nashville. The city of music. Even if you're not a country music fan per say, you'd still have a great time. Let me recap.

The very first night we got there we went to this bar called The Family Wash. Great food, they even had vegetarian options for my sister (in fact a lot of places did) and the very first performance we saw was a local college student at Belmont University, Anna Vaus, who also received the Miranda Lambert Women Creators scholarship. Completely adorable and had an amazing guitarist and stringed bassist with her. Next was this completely adorable and funny duo, Stranger Things. But the cool thing about them is the fact that, they had been writing together for years, but are only recently a singing duo, and they got called up to write a song for the movie that's coming out this year, Dog Years with Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winters. But that one song turned into eighteen, and now fourteen are going to be used in the soundtrack. Crazy awesome, and I got to see it all, just by walking into a nearby restaurant. 

Friday we headed down to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was awesome seeing the history, but then again, I'm a museum person. Favorite part was the wall of Gold and Platinum Records. My family spent hours there. But alas, because we spent forever there, we had to grab some food and then get going because we had tickets to the Grand Ole Opry. But let me talk about the food first. We hit up this little place called The Pharmacy. I am a huge fan of burgers, and this was one of the best burgers I have ever had. Should you find yourself in East Nashville, you must go here. Plus, it was a cool atmosphere, the service was great and fast too. But the Opry. The Opry. One of the coolest experiences ever. They still broadcast on the radio and do live advertisements, and they perform in little half hour stints. I recognized zero names on the program but they totally did not disappoint. And now I have a list of new people to look up and download their music. And what is more fantastic, bless my mother, we were given a backstage tour. It was extremely cool to learn about the history of the Opry and how it worked and to step into some of those dressing rooms where legendary people chilled out before they stepped onto that historical oak circle that survived a flood and the best part was, I got to stand on that oak circle too. Nope, totally wasn't speechless and overexcited. It was good. I was totally fine. 

 Saturday brought city exploration. I'm talking about Honkey Tonk Row. Strip of nothing but boot shops and restaurants with live music. Nashville is basically all about the music and the food. You can find both everywhere. Also, Nashville is like one of the top cities for bachelorette parties. I tried counting how many we saw and legitimately lost track. Definitely a good city for a good time. 

The next day my mother and sister went to the hair show down at Music City Center because that was the whole reason for the trip, so my dad and I were let loose on Nashville. Started out with coffee and scones at Three Brothers Coffee. Definitely a good place, plus it's a great place for you instagrammers because there's an artsy alcove. Check my instagram page to see what I'm talking about ;) Then we took a stroll through a park and found the Parthenon. Rome, Italy has one, Athens, Greece has one, and Nashville, Tennessee has one. Why not. It actually started out as a temporary replica of the one in Athens but people liked it so much its permanent now. We didn't go in, but it was cool to walk around it. Really cool bronze doors that are identical to each other on opposite sides of the building and they weigh seven something tons each. Then off to the Harley Davidson store we went, well, because I was with my dad. But what was really cool was going to Antique Archaeology. You may recognize the name of this store because it belongs to the show American Pickers. Gotta say, there was a lot of cool stuff in there. And there's a bunch of other little shops and even a brewery in the same building, also worthy of seeing. Word to the wise though, there was a line to get in because it's not that big of a store and it's famous. 

Last thing to talk about. The Bluebird Cafe. Mega famous. All the cool people go there. Which is why I didn't get in. Just kidding I didn't get in because we didn't make reservations ahead of time and it is the tiniest little place ever and there was a long line of people waiting (some people got there at 1pm and the music starts at like 6:30). Reason being, the show Nashville got this little cafe uber famous, but it's well known because songwriters come here and sing the songs they've written for your favorite country music stars. No stage, just chairs in a circle in the middle of a room surrounded by tables for all ya'll to sit and listen. But you must must go here and you really really need to make reservations ahead of time. 

I think that pretty much sums up everything. I had a great time in Nashville, and I definitely recommend it for a weekend getaway. 

Hannah Klaver