Reality Check

Attention all Brides, Bride-to-be's, wedding-obsessed, and Pinterest-addicted people. This is a reality check.

Now I just want to let you all know, that this is not coming from a snide, 20-something who is pretending to be a big shot professional. I try to act in a professional manner, yes, but I by no means try to act under the pretenses that I have the same amount of experience and knowledge as established professionals. This is just a little informative article, coming from a photographer, about what really goes into this job. 

Where do I begin. Probably with the fact that, photography is an incredibly saturated market. It can be hard to establish yourself. Especially with the age old cycle of, you can’t get hired without experience, but you can’t get experience without being hired. Even if you aren’t being paid, someone will be taking a chance with you. I’ve been there. I worked weddings for long time family friends of mine for free when I first started off. And anyone who has been involved in a wedding in any way, shape, or form, knows that a wedding is a very, very long day. Long days call for stress.     

Have I mentioned that a photographer has a very stressful and demanding job? There are many variables factoring into this day going smoothly. Which pretty much never happens. Between the hoards of equipment we bring, making sure all of it works, making sure we remember where it all is, making sure we don’t forget or break any of it, to the guests and you and your family. Yes, we are involved with all of it. Not only you, the bride and groom, but also your mothers, fathers, siblings, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, any other relative that is removed but still family, and of course the friends that are basically family and make sure you know this. Yes, thank you for contributing your vast photography knowledge and your unbridled opinion about how I’m supposed to do my job, please take a seat now, your head is ruining my shot. 

Moving beyond everything that happens in the course of the day, a big thing photographers are competing with these days, is Pinterest. Yes, the online version of hoarding where you can get ideas for everything. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is amazing and I myself am borderline addicted, but its not my Bible. It is a fantastic way to get ideas for the kind of style you want, but something more important is making sure the photographer that you hire works with the kind of style you like. Every photographer has a different kind of style. Don’t cheap out and hire a photographer that is, well, not expensive and try and make them do what you want. I’m not saying that they couldn’t. But I am saying that photographers are artists. They are creative. Do not try and mold them the way you want them. Pick a photographer who has a style that matches your vision in the first place. If you really want quality photos that you will love forever, you will pick your photographer based on their style, not their price. 

Hannah Klaver