Winter Photography

How beautiful those photos are that have beautiful fluffy white landscapes, evergreen trees dappled with snow, and perfect flakes fluttering down from the sky. 

Gorgeous, yes. Deadly, maybe. 

Oh I'm kidding it's not actually deadly but winter photography is nothing to be taken lightly.  Seriously, if you want winter photos that badly, be prepared. Especially if you want to try to deceive the world into thinking you're not actually risking frostbite for these winter wonderland portraits and that oh this thin sweater is totally warm enough I'm totally not cold. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love winter photography. Snow can be a beautiful backdrop and landscape to work with. Certain things need to get taken into account though. If you are not a fan of the cold, watch the weather. There can be warmer days where snow is still around. Choose one of those days so you don't suffer and you don't freeze your photographer. If you're on a deadline and can't wait on the weather, I recommend going with actually dressing like it's winter and bringing hand warmers and even blankets. Seriously, if these are for your own memories or to also give to family, it's winter. We all know it's cold. You don't have to act like it's not and dress like it's not. Winter is all about the sweater weather! Wear that snowflake sweater with your pom pom hat and mittens your grandmother knitted you and your fuzzy snow boots. Plus, things like the hats and the blankets and scarves can be cute props/additions that enhance the photo and give you those warm family winter vibes. Yes I just used warm and winter in the same sentence. Now, if you really want to wear something totally not weather appropriate, well then, no complaining allowed. And also you might want to carve out a chunk of time to give yourself opportunities to get back in the car and warm up in between shots.

Winter photos really do take more time in general because you need moments to warm up. And be considerate of your photographer. You never know, the shot you're dying to get might require them to sit in the snow. And yes, I have personally done that before. Plus, if we lose the feeling in our hands, we'll lose our ability to push the magic button that preserves those moments in time.  

Hannah Klaver